$16,000 annual savings per machine tool with the software Festo AX

Monitoring of machine tools – Use Case "AI in the Automation Industry"

Optimize your processes in the automation industry with the help of data and artificial intelligence (AI). Every minute of downtime can be expensive. Avoid unplanned downtime and increase your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) through predictive maintenance with Festo AX.

In this use case, you will learn more about optimized maintenance of machine tools using AI and our digital maintenance manager. Find out how targeted data analysis prevented downtime and reduced maintenance costs. The investment had paid off within the first year and saved $16,000 per machine.

Such cost savings can be achieved not only in machine tools but also in many other applications.
Use Case highlights machine tools

  • A holistic solution from digitalized maintenance management  to data analytics
  • High scalability: can be used with all machine tools
  • $16,000 annual savings per machine
  • ROI < 1 year

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AI in Automations Industries sounds inderesting?

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Get an impression of the potential of data-driven technologies and the capabilities of Festo as a strong partner for digitalization. Festo AX creates added value for every manufacturing company - regardless of the manufacturer.

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