A new generation of products for best all-round performance  

Reducing CO2 emissions may be a challenge for all of us all, but now is the time to act. Our products are designed to help you improve the efficiency of your automation solution. The MS basic series has been developed precisely to meet the demand for reduced pressure consumption, either in new or existing machine concepts. 

MS standard line    

        MS basic line

Pressure regulator reducing the line pressure to a manually set pressure
Pressure filter regulator to remove particles and water from the air
Service unit combination
Pressure/filter regulator to remove particles and water from the air
On/off valve, electr. MSx-EE-...
Electric on/off valve to switch off the air supply to specific branch lines
Soft-start & exhaust valve MSx-(E)DE-...
Electric soft-start and exhaust valve for slow pressurisation and exhaust
Soft-start valve MSx-DL-...
Pneumatic soft-start valve for preventing actuators from moving suddenly
On/off valve, manual MSx-EM-...
Manual on/off valve to switch off the air supply to specific branch lines
Filter MSx-LF-...
Filter with different filter grades to meet specific clean air classes (residual particles, water)

Lubricator MSx-LOE-...
Lubricator adds oil to the air to lubricate components (continuously if required)
Distributor MSx-FRM-...
Can be used between components to create branching modules

Safety valve MSx-SV-...
Electric soft-start and exhaust valve with safety functionality

Dryer MSx-LDM1
Dryer to remove water from the air by separating water molecules using a membrane

The MS basic series is suitable for the majority of applications 

Combine existing configurations of the MS standard line with the new lightweight MS basic components

The benefits of the all-polymer MS basic series

Features such as durability, reliability and ease of use are important when considering the performance of a product, as are ease of disposal and affordability. These are precisely the criteria our developers took into account when designing the MS series. The result is a best-in-class product that makes your life simpler and makes your machines more efficient.


Easy to purchase

Simply order at the touch of a button

  • Core Range marked by a star
  • Order via the Online Shop
  • Fast delivery
  • Prices accessible to everyone
  • Payment per creditcard without registering

Best price-performance

Great value for money

  • Polymer design saves money 
  • Big volume agreements possible
  • Saves resources
  • In stock locally

Extraordinary design

Clear and straightforward operation

  • Prevents accidental use  
  • Enhances the machine‚Äôs appearance 
  • Future-proofs your machine 

Saving air with end-of-arm pressure control

Newly designed filter bowl and housing
  • 10% lighter than MS standard
  • Robust polymer design
  • Available in size 2 (very small) with high flow rate

Saving spare parts by minimising wear

Regulated clean compressed air
  • Particle filter, condensate filter and oil filter in one
  • Pressure regulation close to the process
  • Shut-off functionality with the EE valve

Saving through cascaded pressure control

The right size for the right branch line
  • Decentralised pressure reduction to save compressed air 
  • Small sizes with high flow rate to minimise space requirements
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