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Energy Efficiency is fast becoming the No.1 concern within the industry. During this webinar, our specialist Andy Parker-Bates covers eight practical principles that can be easily applied to your machine designs to reduce compressed air consumption and overall lifetime costs.

If you are designing pneumatic systems, this webinar will give you key points you should consider to optimise your use of compressed air, allowing you to develop energy-efficient machines for your customers.

Andy guides through all aspects of pneumatic system design and operation, such as: 

  • The effect of pressure on compressed air usage
  • Selecting the optimal component
  • Physical considerations in the machine
  • Siting and mounting of pneumatic components

Learn from our expert...

Andy has a broad background covering electrical control engineering, electromechanical motion, pneumatics and hydraulics. He is well placed to bring an understanding of not only how automation technologies can help address the challenges faced by industry today, but also how they can provide a competitive edge for the future.
Andy Parker-Bates
Product Marketing Manager
Festo GB
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