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In this webinar series, our experts discuss the principle of pressure over liquid approach and how it compares with syringe pumps. And the advantages of pressure over liquid, including: 
  • Greater sample throughput and increased capacity
  • Higher level of precision and accuracy
  • A greater bandwidth of dispense volume using a common architecture
  • A simple, cost-effective solution without complex monitoring and controls
They also consider the use of open and closed-loop pipetting, types of disposable tips, tip ejection, tip sensing and liquid level detection.

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Learn from our experts...

Doug is a Mechanical Engineer focused on Medical Devices. He is part of Festo UK’s life sciences team with a focus on laboratory automation, liquid handling and medical devices.

Doug Major
Business Development Engineer - LifeTech
Johannes is an experienced mechatronics engineer with a background in digital automation and artificial intelligence. He has worked at Festo since 2008 and is focused on the development of liquid handling applications such as dispensing heads and pipettes. He was recently part of Festo's global emergency respirator taskforce.
Johannes Lang
Product Manager - Lifetech