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Find out how our decentralised I/O system CPX-AP-I ensures continuous communication from the workpiece to the cloud.

The new Festo remote I/O system improves the performance of mixed valve terminals and I/O systems and is compatible with most communication protocols.  Fast scan rates, the ability to process up to two kilobytes of data with each bus module and access to an internet gateway make this ideal for machines that need to be powerful, fast & Industry 4.0 ready.

Our Product Manager Andy Parker-Bates takes you through the advantages of the system.  If you are an engineer or technician you can gain insight into the possibilities of Festo’s CPX-AP-I:

  • What is CPX-AP-I, what are the elements of the system and key benefits
  • How does CPX-AP-I connect to other protocols, what is it’s connection to Industry 4.0
  • What are the typical applications for CPX-AP-I

Learn from our expert...

Andy has a broad background covering electrical control engineering, electromechanical motion, pneumatics and hydraulics. He is well placed to bring an understanding of not only how automation technologies can help address the challenges faced by industry today, but also how they can provide a competitive edge for the future.
Andy Parker-Bates
Product Marketing Manager
Festo GB
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