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Despite being around for more than a hundred years, piezo technologies used for proportional valve actuation has only recently reached a level of maturity that has allowed its implementation into mainstream, cost-effective standard products.

This webinar examines the benefits offered by the technology in terms of repeatability, reliability, power consumption, size and precision in a range of factory automation scenarios, as well as in more specialist liquid and medical gas handling applications.

The webinar recording will illustrate real-life applications using a range of readily available off-the-shelf product solutions.

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Andy has a broad background covering electrical control engineering, electromechanical motion, pneumatics and hydraulics. He is well placed to bring an understanding of not only how automation technologies can help address the challenges faced by industry today, but also how they can provide a competitive edge for the future.
Andy Parker-Bates
Product Marketing Manager
Festo GB
Doug is a mechanical engineer with many years’ experience in different fields. Since 2015 he has specialised in life sciences with a focus on laboratory automation, liquid handling and getting medical devices to market. 
Douglas Major
Business Development Engineer - LifeTech
Festo GB
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