Webinar On-Demand: Save time configuring your process valve units

See how you can save time and money by taking advantage of a tool that quickly and easily finds the right quarter-turn actuator with a ball or butterfly valve for you every time. Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool that configures, sizes, provides full system ID, CAD files, pricing and delivery times quickly? From manually actuated process valves to fully automated systems, our configurator makes selecting the optimum solution effortless and works with all ball and butterfly valve brands.

In this webinar recording, you will get an insight into the tool and a demonstration of our online configurator using a real-life application example. You’ll see how:

  • easy it is to configure a solution and get direct access to prices and delivery times
  • you can easily get specific data sheets, CAD models and certifications for the complete units
  • this tool is easy to use and speeds up the process from planning to purchasing
  • a customised solution can be managed as simply as a standard product

Learn from our expert...

Stefany is a chemical engineer that has spent many years supporting customers with their process automation applications and needs. Today, she is part of the Festo Process Automation Centre for the UK & Ireland and brings a lot of experience consulting and configuring process automation applications in the most efficient way. 
Stefany Galeano
Process Automation Product Manager
Festo IE
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