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Are you looking for electrical solutions for simple movements that do not require complex commissioning? Then this is the webinar for you.

The Simplified Motion Series is for anyone looking for a simple electrical alternative to pneumatic movement and positioning tasks and who want an easy commissioning process without the need for programming software and specialist knowledge. The series requires no external servo drives as all necessary components and modules are combined in the integrated drive. The complete solution is optimised for simple movements between two mechanical end positions but without sacrificing optimised movement properties such as damped movement in the end positions or a simplified pressing and squeezing function.  

In this webinar recording Product Manager Warren Harvard:
  • Discusses the new series' possibilities and benefits
  • Demonstrates the software selection tool
  • Shows how to easily program the components without software
  • Shows practical and inspiring application examples

Learn from our expert...

Warren Harvard has more than 20 years of experience in industrial automation, having worked in the automotive industry and subsequently joined Festo as a systems engineer in South Africa. He progressed rapidly through the organisation to become National Sales Manager whilst retaining a keen interest in industrial electronics. He is now applying his broad knowledge of motion control applications as Festo UK’s Product Marketing Manager for Electric Automation.
Warren Harvard

Festo GB
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