How To Improve Energy Efficiency and Reduce CO2 Emissions With Next-generation N2 Purge Systems

All semiconductor manufacturers are facing mounting pressures to reduce their energy consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The push to become carbon neutral and reduce the effects of CO2 on the climate is a gargantuan international effort that involves all manufacturing segments, and this effort is considered one of the most important endeavors humankind has ever undertaken. However, achieving the goals set out by climate scientists and the United Nations is no easy task for any industry — let alone the semiconductor manufacturers.

Using piezo-based valve technology in the design of nitrogen purge systems reaps many benefits — including reducing carbon emissions by up to 4 percent, as demonstrated in a large semiconductor fab.
This is what the white paper is about

Highlights include:

  • How piezo technology can make your system more energy efficient
  • How your FOUP setup can use nitrogen wisely
  • How deploying a N2 purge system can reduce large fab nitrogen consumption by 4% each year

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