Upgrade your case packer designs

Case packer machine designs haven’t changed much over the years and still rely mostly on pneumatic actuation for many machine functions. Today, however, innovations in electric automation (EA) offer excellent opportunities to upgrade many case packing functions — including line format adjustment, collating and screening processes. Using EA to make incremental improvements to case packer designs doesn’t have to involve extensive re-engineering. Some of these technologies are available as retrofit packages for machines in the field. Explore some Electric Automation solutions in our latest ebook.

Custom packaging made easy

One of the major challenges in the packaging industry is the process of handling completely different goods and packaging them into cartons with a perfect fit. The new alignment and loading unit from Packsize achieves this by featuring the innovative solutions from Festo. The handling system is impressive thanks to its seamless connectivity with a compact remote I/O system and a complete package consisting of axes, motors and servo drives.

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